Are You Sure?

There was a large family who lived in a house and, after many years of living there and many conversations about whether they should move somewhere else or stay where they were, the family patriarch decided to have a family meeting to decide once and for all whether to leave the house or not. At the meeting, the family voted. To leave or to stay. Some of the family were too young to vote, and some couldn’t decide so didn’t bother voting at all. However, of those who did have their say, more than half of them said that they should leave to find somewhere better. So, they went to their local estate agent and told them that they wanted to move. Preferably, somewhere with bigger walls to keep the undesirables out, somewhere away from the interfering resident’s association with their annoying rules and regulations, and somewhere that they could save £350-a-week off their taxes. The estate agent said not to worry to and to leave it with them.

Some time later the estate agent came back to the family. “We’ve found you a new house”, she said. “It’s further away from the centre of town, so it’s quite inconvenient and the local services aren’t anywhere near as good as you have at the moment. It’s certainly going to be more expensive than you’re used to as well, and that £350-a-week saving just isn’t going to happen. You’ll be aware that the resident’s association won’t be around to help you with any local issues, so you’ll be completely on your own. On the plus side, you’ll be able to build the walls as big as you like but that will probably put people off wanting to come and work for you”. The family started bickering with one another as usual, before a few of them said, “Can we have another family meeting just to make sure that this is really what we want to do?”. “Oh no”, said the estate agent, “you don’t get any say in this whatsoever. You’re moving out next year”

“But we were told lies about what the benefits would be!”“Don’t care” replied the estate agent. “But those of us who wanted to leave outnumbered those who didn’t by such a small number, it wouldn’t have been enough to change the constitution of dad’s local golf club let alone to make a huge decision like this!”“Not my problem” she huffed. “But none of us knew that leaving would turn like this!”“La-la-la. I’m not listening”.

[Photo credit: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images]


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